Frequently Asked Questions
How does it work?
It makes the current and the voltage move closer together so they work more efficently. This allows your equipment and appliances to do the same functions but requiring less electricity. The power saver reduces or narrows the phase difference between the current and voltage so everything works smoother. By reducing the draw of required electricity you are reducing the amount of electricity you buy. It improves the Power Factor. This is the level of efficiency a motor uses electricity. The lower the PF = Higher Electrical Bills

Do I need a electrician or a professional to install the ESP?
Just open the box it came in, plug it in, and forget about it. There is a status light to show you it is working. No additional wiring needed

Do I need a ESP for each appliance.
No. For most homes and businesses only one unit per metered circuit is needed.

How can I see the savings on my electricity bill?
If you live in a stable climate with demands that rarely change, you will see the savings easily. For those who live in areas that the seasons go from heating to cooling systems, you would have to compare like kind months from the previous years to see your savings.

If you have an old style spinning meter and an outlet within view of the meter, you could unplug absolutely everything in your house except the Energy Saver PlugTM . Plug in a vacuum and turn it on. Watch the meter spin. Turn on the Energy Saver PlugTM and watch the spinning slow. It's hard to do it on the new digital meters without a stop watch and a really good reaction time.

If you have a high end digital multi-meter, you can read the differences in the draw/load on the meter with and without the Energy Saver PlugTM turned on.

You mention Power Factor Correction as one of the ways the Energy Saver PlugTM works are there other ways?
Yes. Other ways the Energy Saver PlugTM works is by our patent pending method of holding a deep charge at a ready state so a deep draw will receive be fed from the Energy Saver PlugTM unit rather than drawing additional current through the meter to meet up to 26% of the load request. We also tune the frequency of the of the AC wave and filter out any "noise" (false peaks) from the wave which can cause false draws on the meter.

Is it safe?
Yes, this is a passive system that is fused. If your Energy Saver PlugTM is on and there is no green light, the only user serviceable part is the easily accessible fuse. NEVER open your Energy Saver Plug. There are no user serviceable parts in it and your total house current passes through the Energy Saver PlugTM . Opening it and touching the inside would be like placing your hand on your fusebox if it is plugged in or after it has been used.

You said the house current runs through the machine, can it cause a fire?
No, just like any appliance you have with a fuse, the fuse will blow well before any fire hazard may occur.

Will it extend the life of my appliances?
We make no claims to whether or not it will affect the longevity of your appliances. We believe that running a cleaner and more efficient source of power to an appliance should extend it's life, the actual working life of motors have been known to increase by 10 to 15%.

Are there other ways I can save electricity?
Yes. For additional Energy Saving Tips Click Here

Have you tested the device independently?
Yes. For additional Testing Results Click Here
What our customer says....
"I am very impressed with the amount of power consumption i am saving since I plugged My Energy Saver Plug. I defenetly recommend it"

C. Franklin, VIC
Easy just Plug and use.
"Just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your Plug. The energy savings has exceeded my expectations."

M. Wilson, WA
Save on Power Consumption.
"I can't believe no one told me about that earlier this is an unbelievable device! Thanks for bringing this technology with the world."

Angela R. QLD